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Please complete the following application to bring students to ISEF Education Outreach Day at the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) on Thursday, May 14, 2020. Please note, students in 6th grade and above are eligible to attend.  

As part of our International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the Education Outreach Program gives thousands of students and their teachers a chance to participate in a full day of hands-on, team-oriented STEM programming, including meeting and learning from some of the 1,700 high school ISEF research Finalists from more than 80 countries, regions, and territories. Specifically, school groups rotate among the following activities: 

  • ISEF Finalist Hall Exploration - Visiting students will have the opportunity to talk to finalists at their project displays while on a quest to find projects from diverse subject areas, spanning every continent and showing commonalities among world problems.
  • STEM Classroom Workshops - Local organizations will offer special opportunities to schools to meet with them in small groups for in-depth activities on a single STEM topic.
  • STEM Innovation Expo - Local and national STEM educational institutions and STEM-focused companies will showcase their work by allowing students to explore, play and create with hands-on STEM experiences in an expo-hall setting.

Schools may apply for financial assistance for busing or substitute educators (priority submission by January 25); support will be provided based on need and the capacity of the program. Please see the financial aid section at the end of this form. Eligible schools will be reimbursed for these expenses following submission of receipts after the event. 

Education Outreach Day is sponsored by    Broadcom Foundation Logo

School and Educator Information

So that we may have additional information about your student demographics, please go to this website and find your school's NCES code:
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About Your Students

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Information for the Selection Committee

Financial Support for Transportation and Substitute Educators
This program offers funding to schools based upon your responses above and student need. Those who complete this form prior to January 25, 2020 will receive primary consideration for financial assistance. Schools selected to receive funding or partial funding will be notified no later than February 15, 2020.