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STEM Professionals Virtual Classroom Visit: Educators Interest Form

Society for Science is thrilled to connect STEM professionals and STEM-focused college students with classrooms across the country.  Many of the Society alumni, who are now pursuing degrees or careers in STEM, have expressed a desire to give back to their communities and inspire more students in STEM. Classroom teachers associated with our programs have often expressed a need for more STEM role models for their students and stronger connections to the professional scientific community. This program aims to take advantage of the enhaced use of distance learning platforms to help provide a unique STEM educational experience for virtual or in-person classrooms.

We encourage that the classroom visit be centered around a free Society resource, an article from Science News, in addition to providing an opportunity for the STEM professional/student to share his or her own research, science fair experience, and trajectory from high school research to a career in STEM. The Society will pair a STEM professional/student with an interested teacher and together they will meet to create a plan for their collaboration.